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Restaurants trust MEIKO commercial dishwashing technology

Quick at the task, efficient handling, sustainably in design: dishwashing technology for restaurants

Whether it's about providing a unique customer experience or being a trend-setting hotspot: the restaurant industry is fast-paced and ever-changing. This includes the field of warewashing. Opening a new branch tomorrow? Then you need MEIKO’s warewashing technology advancements today. Is happy hour starting in a few minutes? There are always enough cocktail glasses available with a MEIKO dishwasher! Let MEIKO be a regular at your bar or restaurant. It looks good. It cleans right. And it does what has to be done: be there. Function. Be perfect. 

Overview of testimonials

M-iClean Testimonial - 360 Bistro, Urban Grub, and Craft Brewed

Edgar Pendley of Urban Grub, Chip DeVier of Craft Brewed, and Brett Allen of 360 Bistro share their unique experiences with the M-iCleans installed in their respective restaurants. All find the M-iClean to be an undercounter wonder!

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Urban Grub

“The cost savings that came in our first month of using the MEIKO machine was just astronomical. We never really thought that we would save that much by switching from a door machine to a rack conveyor machine, but the throughput of this machine is so much higher than a door. It just blows us away.”

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