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Cleanliness & sustainability included: the hospitality industry washes with MEIKO

State-of-the-art warewashing technology: MEIKO meets the challenges of the hotel industry

Dishes need to be more than just clean. Plates, cups, and glasses have to shine! They provide the backdrop for the beautiful meals served in your establishment and should be ready for their supporting role every time. The use of MEIKO technology means: cleanliness is a matter of course. Sustainability is a requirement. And that all this happens using an interface that is operator-friendly.  MEIKO gives you the difference between conventional warewashing technology and intelligent warewashing technology. Trust in MEIKO. Your guests (and employees!) will be pleased.

Overview of testimonials

Hilton Amsterdam

Schiphol is one icon richer. On 17 December, 2015, the brand new Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol opened its doors. The distinctive hotel, which boasts 433 rooms, more than twenty conference halls, a restaurant, a bar, a spa, and an executive lounge. Together with our partners, MEIKO has been tasked with the challenge of equipping the dishwashing facilities of this colossus.

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Dutchman Hospitality

“As we and our technicians analyzed the various manufacturers and equipment, it was concluded that the MEIKO technology exceeded the others. It seemed like MEIKO was ahead of the curve on incorporating newer technology..."

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Hotel Bell Rock Europa-Park, Rust

"We rely on MEIKO because it's reliable, energy-efficient and minimizes our use of resources – not only at the Bell Rock, but also in many other restaurant areas and hotels," says Müller from Europa Park, praising the benefits offered by M-iQ.

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Berlin Marriott Hotel

The M-iClean excels in terms of cleaning performance. From wine and water glasses to beer and cocktail glasses, everything comes out exactly as it should – hygienic and sparklingly clean. We only use the MEIKO brand in our company.

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Hilton Berlin

The Hilton Berlin chose MEIKO products because they offer good energy efficiency ratings and excellent value for money. Another sound reason to opt for MEIKO is that customers know they will be able to rely on good service and rapid spare parts delivery.

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London Heathrow Marriott Hotel

“Compared to what we had before, it is like the difference between night and day; it is so much more efficient,” says Shields. “Wash results are so good we no longer need to hand polish; we are saving labor as well as energy.”

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Park Inn Heathrow

A new M-iQ rack transport dishwasher from Meiko brought clear gains in sustainability including significant reductions in power, water and chemicals consumption.

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Grand Hyatt Seoul

Less after sales support and cost savings because of MEIKO's dishwashing technology

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