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Commercial Dishwashing Solutions for Hospitality and Restaurants

MEIKO's range of warewashers, dishwashers and glasswashers for hospitality and restaurants

MEIKO warewashers are recognized for providing outstanding results on glasses, dishes, and silverware, but also offers solutions for the special utensils, containers and all your other restaurant and hospitality needs. Depending on what is to be washed, we offer an extensive range of machine options and components, all which have proved their practicality and efficiency many times over.


We provide:

  • Dishwashing machines, pot and pan washing machines, glasswashing machines, universal washing machines
  • Fully automatic washing systems for dishware, trays, and silverware
  • Food waste systems for environmentally friendly disposal

If you want your guests to experience only the very best, then MEIKO dishwashing technology is the way to go. From Michelin-starred restaurants to fast-casual chains, from boutique hotels and bistros to the trendiest bars in town – we can provide exactly the solution you need.


In a five-star hotel in Singapore, food waste becomes garden soil – because sustainability is one of the biggest themes in the hospitality industry. MEIKO technology is sustainable – to the pleasure of your guests!

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Restaurants & MEIKO: one is unthinkable without the other – at least when it comes to warewashing. Quick, efficient, excellent design: this is warewashing technology at its best!

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