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Cleaning and Disinfection for Healthcare Facilities An excellent choice for cleaning, disinfection and warewashing in healthcare facilities

When it comes to professional and reliable infection control solutions in the hospital and healthcare facility sector, MEIKO is an excellent choice. Customers all over the world rely on MEIKO’s experience and expertise to clean and disinfect care utensils such as bedpans, urine bottles and commode buckets. From stand-alone appliances and combined care units to fully-fitted utility rooms, MEIKO offers top-quality clean solutions custom-made to your specifications in 100 % stainless steel.
Our machines provide consistently clean and disinfected results while still being economical – and are user-friendly and make people’s daily work more enjoyable.

With the same professional approach and spirit of innovation it applies to its cleaning and disinfection technology, MEIKO conjures up clean solutions in its dishwashing business as well!
From small glasswashers and dishwashers to sophisticated warewashing systems, MEIKO sets new standards of cleanliness and economical operation for kitchenettes, cafés and corporate dining. Our machines offer user-friendly control systems, intuitive operation, and smooth workflows, making life easier for the people who use them.
Experience the MEIKO effect first-hand, and we hope it will bring a smile to your lips, too!

Healthcare Facilities

Overview of testimonials

Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King's Lynn, GB

Catering Manager Shirley Barber reports it is easier to keep clean and operate, heating up quicker and “definitely using less chemicals…we are saving £400 (USD $600) per month.”

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Frimley Park Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Camberley, Great Britain

Kevan Wallace, Assistant Hotel Services Manager, Catering, gives his verdict on the performance, service and economy in use. A running cost comparison prepared by Wallace for senior management demonstrated that the new M-iQ would consume just over half the volume of the previous machine.

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