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Returning people to good health is a cause which never be compromised. We rise to the challenge of cleanliness and never conceding our values. With more than 90 years of experience in the field of washing, cleaning and disinfecting, we are intimately familiar with the needs of our customers in hospitals and clinics. We know how it goes when you want to be cautious. Partner with us in the kitchen and the soiled utility room. Rely on our experience, our expertise, and our purpose when it comes to safety, stable processes and cost sensitivity.

Overview of testimonials

Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King's Lynn, GB

Catering Manager Shirley Barber reports it is easier to keep clean and operate, heating up quicker and “definitely using less chemicals…we are saving £400 (USD $600) per month.”

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Frimley Park Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Camberley, Great Britain

Kevan Wallace, Assistant Hotel Services Manager, Catering, gives his verdict on the performance, service and economy in use. A running cost comparison prepared by Wallace for senior management demonstrated that the new M-iQ would consume just over half the volume of the previous machine.

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