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Warewashing Solutions for Gastronomy and Hospitality MEIKO's range of warewashers, dishwashers and glasswashers for gastronomy and hospitality

MEIKO warewashers are recognized for providing outstanding washing results on glasses, dishes and sliverware, but also offers solutions for the special utensils, containers and all your other gastronomy and hospitality needs. Depending on what needs to be washed, we offer an extensive range of machine options and modules, all which have proved their practicality and efficiency many times over.
We provide:

  • Dishwashing machines, pot and pan washing machines, glass washing machines, universal washing machines
  • Warewashing machines with transport systems
  • Fully automatic washing systems for dishware, trays, and silverware
  • Food waste systems for environmentally friendly disposal

If you want your guests to experience only the very best, then MEIKO dishwashing technology is the way to go. From Michelin-starred restaurants to restaurant chains, from spa hotels and bistros to the trendiest bars in town – we can provide exactly the solution you need.

Gastronomy and Hospitality

Overview of testimonials

Urban Grub, Craft Brewed and 360 Bistro

Edgar Pendley of Urban Grub, Chip DeVier of Craft Brewed, and Brett Allen of 360 Bistro share their unique experiences with the M-iCleans installed in their respective restaurants. All find the M-iClean to be an undercounter wonder!

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Dutchman Hospitality

“As we and our technicians analyzed the various manufacturers and equipment, it was concluded that the MEIKO technology exceeded the others. It seemed like MEIKO was ahead of the curve on incorporating newer technology..."

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Berlin Marriott Hotel

The M-iClean excels in terms of cleaning performance. From wine and water glasses to beer and cocktail glasses, everything comes out exactly as it should – hygienic and sparklingly clean. We only use the MEIKO brand in our company.

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Hilton Berlin

The Hilton Berlin chose MEIKO products because they offer good energy efficiency ratings and excellent value for money. Another sound reason to opt for MEIKO is that customers know they will be able to rely on good service and rapid spare parts delivery.

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London Heathrow Marriott Hotel

“Compared to what we had before, it is like the difference between night and day; it is so much more efficient,” says Shields. “Wash results are so good we no longer need to hand polish; we are saving labor as well as energy.”

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Rentals Unlimited

"The results we have seen after installing the M-iQ are almost impossible to believe. When I tell people the difference, I have seen they are a bit skeptical. When I think about what I am telling them I can understand their skepticism."

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