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MEIKO dishwashing technology: an important element in your catering

Extremely durable dishwashing machines guarantee you stable processes and high reliability

When everything comes back to the warehouse all at once, time is short, and the result needs to be top class. Lucky for you, MEIKO technology tackles the challenges in the catering industry. Cups, plates, glasses, pans, and trays – no time for sorting, everything has to be clean again for the next event. More than that: it has to satisfy the highest cleanliness and safety requirements. Food soil that has sat on ware for several days comes off on the first pass through the machine. In addition, the warewashing technology from MEIKO is very easy to operate thanks to the “blue concept” – which helps break language barriers in multicultural settings.

Non-Food Catering

Reliability, perfect cleanliness and tailor-made solutions are indispensable in catering. MEIKO is a partner with expertise, fairness and state-of-the-art technology – performance, costs and results match here!

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